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PIC Skate P-53

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PIC Skate P-53

Size:7 1/2' 8 1/4' 8 3/4'

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The P-53 Pic®3 wheel dance/freestyle frame set.

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The P-53 Pic®3 wheel dance/freestyle frame set. Like the 894 the set is equipped with rockered satin finished frame, Axel 6.0 wheels and ABEC-5 bearings. The skate is suitable for dance and freestyle and is a great value. (Set includes 2 frames, P-9 pics, Axel 6 wheels, bearings, mounting kit and instructions.)

Parts Check List
3 wheels
Pic frames2
Axle bolts6
Coupling screws6
Allen keys2
Bearings pre-mounted12
Spacers pre-mounted6
Heel plate screws 3/48
Toe plate screws 1/2



About PIC® Skates

Before Skating, always
    1. Check your equipment for wear, replace pic or other parts as needed.
    2. Be certain set screws are in place after rotating or replacing pic.
    3. Perform stretching exercises before putting on your skates.

When Skating, always
  1. Wear a helmet and other protective gear.
  2. Practice slowing and stopping in a safe area.
  3. Be aware of surroundings. Clear skating area of debris before practicing.
  4. Be courteous of others.
  5. Announce passing intentions.
  6. Look for open space to skate.
  7. Exercise control.
  8. Enjoy skating!

Size chart below will help you to pick corrct size of PIC Frame


PIC frame sizeSole lenght in cm
7,519 - 19,7
8,2521 - 21,6
8,7522 - 23
9,2523,5 - 24
9,7524,7 - 25,5
10,2526 - 26,6


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